Communications for the Conference admit either oral or poster presentation. Each of the participants can coautor more tan one communication, but he/she can only make the presentation of one of them, irrespectively of this presentation being oral or poster. For a communication to be included in the scientific program of the Conference, it should be approved by the Scientific Committee and the autor in charge of the presentation should be formally registered.

Deadline for submitting communications: May 31st, 2023.

Guide for authors

Communications have to be submitted through the private area of the webpage of the Conference. To access it, participants should consider as username their e-mail address and as password the key they use for the pre-registration. Please, either access to private area or click on “Enter” on the upper right corner of the webpage to access.

To formalize the submission, an application form should be electronically filled as to provide the following: authors (name, family name, institution and e-mail of each of them), abstract (at most 1000 characters either in Spanish or in English) and keywords. The required information is in the form, so there is no need for any template to complete the submission.

To ease the preparation of the scientific program, authors are asked to classify their works at the moment they submit them into one of the following categories:

  • Statistics-Probability
  • Operations Research
  • Public Statistics
  • SEIO Working Groups
  • Invited Sessions
  • Bilateral Sessions
  • Ramiro Melendreras Award Sessions

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